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Brief About Osita Ezenwosu

I received my medical training in Nigeria and have been involved in diverse clinical haematology and oncology research projects, but my primary interests have been focused on sickle cell disease with particular bias on the impact of sickle cell disease on children and the impact of diverse factors on sickle cell. I have a record and substantial personal experience in patient-oriented researches, successful planning and implementation of projects in a team as well as individual setting. I coordinated the south-east Nigerian data collection arm of the project of African Sickle Cell Research Network whose mandate was to redress the North-South disparity in sickle cell disease outcomes through systematic research across sub-Saharan Africa. I co-developed and implemented a Healthy Beginning Initiative Program which sought to identify evidence-based interventions for increasing awareness and knowledge of sickle cell disease which will form a basis for finding new approaches of translating evidence-based interventions to sustainable community-based programs in sickle cell that is necessary to realizing the WHO goal of increased awareness and knowledge among individuals with haemoglobinopathies. In addition, I have managed University-funded TETFUND grants as PI and Co-investigator in researches designed to determine the relationship between levels as well as genotype of various molecules (and their receptors) and severity of sickle cell disease. These training, expertise and commitment have equipped me to lead and work with any team to achieve set objectives. My goal is to pursue a successful career in the field of Paediatric Haematology/Oncology and develop as a professional trainer, researcher and academician in the field that will enable me to utilize my knowledge and skills in the best possible ways for achieving organizational/institutional growth.