The G11 program, established for over a decade, addresses gaps in grants management training that hinder the application and administration of NIH grants, identified as a key barrier in global health research equity. G11 grants aim to bolster administration capacity alongside ancillary activities crucial for advanced scientific investigations. These include research integrity oversight, ethical review, laboratory animal welfare, advanced laboratory services, health sciences library, ICT systems for research, biostatistics, technology transfer, and harassment prevention. Nicole Joyce, a University of California, San Diego (UCSD) research administrator, emphasizes the importance of research administration, often overlooked. Dr. Eche Ezeanolue from the University of Nigeria Nsukka highlights the significance of G11 funding in training the unseen personnel crucial for grant success and systemic improvements. He likens G11 grants to erecting a Christmas tree, where institutions can collectively decorate it to enhance research capacity and outcomes.

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