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Brief About Ngozi Idemili-Aronu

As a medical sociologist, I have participated in multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional studies. I have directed my focus on gender disparities, women’s health, health systems and use of health technologies. I have also carried out several research investigating how the use of health technologies affect health outcomes especially among women in hard to reach areas. Findings from previous research made me to further investigate uncommon factors that can affect use of health technologies. I am the first social scientist in West Africa to investigate the link between technophobia and use of health technologies among women in urban and rural settings. My interest in technologies has also progressed into the field of Artificial intelligence (AI). As a Coinvestigator on an AFS grant (AFS-0575120455), I am responsible for developing methodologies for deploying sustainable, gender inclusive AI systems for enhancing production and management of Nsukka Yellow Pepper in hard to reach farm communities. I am a comfortable team player with proven ability to deliver under pressure and meet deadlines.