Personal Information

  • Experience :
    7 Years
  • College/University Education :
    University of Nigeria, Nsukka-Nigeria
  • Qualification/Certification :


Brief About Dr. JohnBosco Chukwuorji

He is currently an assistant professor (Senior Lecturer) in the Department of Psychology, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He received his education and training in clinical psychology.

Was a Fulbright scholar in the 2019-2020 academic year and spent time at the Cleveland State University to enhance his research skill. Upon return from the USA, He joined the Centre for Translational and Implementation Research (CTAIR) at the University of Nigeria Nsukka in the team’s efforts to use implementation science to enhance the effectiveness and quality of healthcare services in Nigeria. He was the project leader for the Psychosocial factors in Mental health of Internally Displaced Tiv Persons in Nigeria.

His responsibilities as project leader included but were not limited to project logistics, writing of articles, data (collection) and data information management, and human resources. His research area is focused on efforts to find innovative approaches to provide quality mental healthcare for the general population and other special groups such as women and people living with challenging health conditions.

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