Monitoring Stations

The EPA has established two measurement sites in our area to monitor ozone levels. Site C1047, at Skylark Field in Killeen, has been operating since 2009. In 2013, a new site, C1045 was set up in the West Temple Park. The data collected from the monitoring sites is reviewed annually to determine compliance with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) of 70 ppb.

Annual Concentrations

The 4th highest concentration for each year is shown below for the two monitoring stations:

  • Site C1047
  • Site C1045

ppb = parts per billion; a weight to weight ratio used to describe concentrations, as-in air pollution contaminants.

* value shown does not represent an entire year (274 days of valid data)

**as of September 13, 2017

The latest three-year average (2013 – 2015) for the Killeen/Temple region  is 69 ppb (parts per billion).  Under newly-published standards, the maximum permitted concentration is 70 ppb. If the data shows an average higher than 70 ppb, the area may be designated as “Non-Attainment” for ozone and a plan must be developed to return to compliance within a specified time period. Monthly summaries of peak daily maximum eight-hour ozone concentrations measured may be viewed here.

Go to this page to retrieve the four highest eight-hour ozone concentration averages from data collected at TCEQ monitoring sites beginning December 14, 2005 through today.  The fourth-highest value is the number used to determine compliance.  Although this is the most current data available, it is not considered official until it has been certified by the TCEQ’s technical staff.  This information is updated hourly.

The annual fourth highest daily maximum eight-hour average ozone concentrations can be seen here from data collected beginning January 1, 2014, to date. Data is updated each hour.

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