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Have You Seen These?

The CTAIR Advisory Committee is pleased to announce that it has publish three billboards located in the Killeen/Belton/Temple region.  Each billboard provide insight to the harmful effects of ground-level ozone and how you can learn more about ground-level ozone.

CTAIR's Bicycle Program Featured in Catalog Website

Word is getting out about CTAIR’s bike rack program. It was recently featured in The Park and Facilities Catalog.


Custom bike racks with the CTAIR logo and web address have been  distributed throughout the CTCOG region to help persuade more people to bicycle than to drive. Fewer car emissions will improve air quality for everyone.

Read the story here,, and we hope you are inspired to do your share for cleaner air.

Bicycle Parking Is A....Cinch

One of the very best weapons for fighting air pollution, particularly ozone, is probably already sitting in your garage.  It’s true!  Every time you ride your bicycle instead of taking your car you reduce carbon monoxide emissions, particulate matter, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides, not to mention conserving oil and fuel.

CTAIR wants to encourage more people to ride their bikes, and that is why our Advisory Committee dedicated project funding to providing convenient and safe bicycle parking throughout the Central Texas region.   A total of 250 customized bike racks were ordered and offered, free of charge, to the cities and counties within the CTCOG region. Two styles were offered, a bike dock and an inverted u-rack, both of which meet the criteria of the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP), namely they will support the bike upright providing two points of contact with the frame, accommodate a variety of bicycles and attachments, and allow for the locking of the frame and at least one wheel with a U-lock.

In return for the bicycle racks, participating entities agreed to install and maintain them. This was certainly a popular program, check out the number of bicycle racks each participant received:

  • Village of Salado–10
  • City of Nolanville–16
  • City of Cameron–11
  • City of Gatesville-11
  • City of Belton–25
  • City of Copperas Cove–10
  • City of Harker Heights–20
  • City of Lampasas–12
  • City of Killeen–25
  • City of Temple–16
  • Milam County–42
  • The HOP–11
  • Belton ISD–34
  • Coryell County–6
  • Barrow Brewing Co. (Salado)–3

Our goal is to make this a continuing project, placing more and more bicycle parking throughout the region as the demand increases.  Hopefully, with your help, Central Texas will be on its way to establishing a bicycle culture.

You can also get involved with our interactive map.  Simply go to this link to view current bicycle parking and to keep abreast of new installations.  You can even enter your own suggestions for bicycle rack locations.


Bike docks at a Nolanville park.

Bike docks at a Nolanville park.

Inverted U-racks in Nolanville

Inverted U-racks in Nolanville